October 2017

Giddypigs.com Sold for a Carrot!?

guinea pig eating carrot with computer nearby & $10

While Butchie was camping last month, photos of Bella, vice-president and Chief Financial Officer, surfaced allegedly confirming that GiddyPigs.com was sold to an unnamed eastern block country for a carrot. What ensued was a twitter and instagram war between the two GiddyPigs staffers. Enraged, Butchie tweeted, “Back room deal! #traitor” to which Bella coolly responded, “Butchie has never worked at GiddyPigs.com nor does he have any association, formal or informal, with the company, the CEO Zeus, or myself. #Liar.”

Butchie Seeks Nature Cure for Urban Angst

guinea pig in little tent

Butchie Seeks Nature Cure for Urban Angst

Many who were concerned for Butchie after his existential crisis last month are hoping that a Labour Day weekend camping trip will provide the tranquility he needs to recharge.