It's that time of year!

two guinea pigs with gifts of egg and carrot

Zeus' Holiday Manifesto  Happy Suggestions for Holiday Do's and Don'ts

So that I can get good gifts this year The mailroom at has received one been inundated with questions aboutappropriate gifts to give me your guinea pig for Christmas, Hanukah, Ramaadan and  the holidays.

Remembering Animals Too

guinea pig in space astronaut

Remembering Animals Too

Many events are commemorated in November, most notably the end of the Great War of 1918 on November 11. For guinea pigs, November is also animal sacrifice remembrance month. Sold for a Carrot!?

guinea pig eating carrot with computer nearby & $10

While Butchie was camping last month, photos of Bella, vice-president and Chief Financial Officer, surfaced allegedly confirming that was sold to an unnamed eastern block country for a carrot. What ensued was a twitter and instagram war between the two GiddyPigs staffers. Enraged, Butchie tweeted, “Back room deal! #traitor” to which Bella coolly responded, “Butchie has never worked at nor does he have any association, formal or informal, with the company, the CEO Zeus, or myself. #Liar.”

Butchie Seeks Nature Cure for Urban Angst

guinea pig in little tent

Butchie Seeks Nature Cure for Urban Angst

Many who were concerned for Butchie after his existential crisis last month are hoping that a Labour Day weekend camping trip will provide the tranquility he needs to recharge.

Butchie Suffers Existential Crisis!

guinea pig the scream

Butchie Suffers Existential Crisis!

It is with great concern that we report on Butchie's massive existential crisis. “While it is not uncommon for a guinea pig to question his or her existence, it is uncommon for a guinea pig not to eat for more than an hour,” explained Kierpigaard, renowned existentialist philosopher and close personal friend to Butchie.

Queen Pigtoria Day Celebration!

Two royal guinea pigs

Queen Pigtoria Day Celebration!


The Glebe is buzzing with preparations for Queen Pigtoria's birthday. “Guinea pigs and monarchy are like bread and butter! Destined to be together!” explains Master Bubbles, chief coordinator for Parties 'n Pigs R Us, and graduate from the esteemed British Butler Institute. “The guinea pigs' roots in British history run very deep, very deep, indeed!” adds Master Bubbles.

New OPP Constable Embroiled in Controversy!


The Organic Parsley Police (OPP) find themselves in hot water after bringing on a new pig to uphold their mandate to maximize the availability of organic parsley in the community. Allegations against Constable Butchie include that he's been eating the parsley shipments he is assigned to inspect and then falsely claiming he was robbed by raccoons.

Erling's Variety Hires Zeus as Visiting Veggie Chef!


I love him. There. I finally said it. I just love Zeus. His fur. His fat. His wit. His infinite appetite and power of creativity in the kitchen...I just want to be with him – always,” admitted Liam Vainola, owner of Erling's Variety on Strathcona Avenue.

President Rump to bill Hintonburg for Glebe wall!?!

Zeus and President Rump

Newly elected Glebe guinea pig president Ronald Rump is seeking to make good on his controversial campaign promise to build a wall between the Glebe and Hintonburg.  However, questions around costs, as well as conflict of interest, continue to plague the pig.

“Rump has shares in both the Parkdale Farmers Market and the Lansdowne Market,” explains the Quadruped Ethics Commissioner, Puffy.  “He'll be eating veggies from both markets!  Investments in both neighbourhoods is a conflict of interest!”