Consumers Choice: gcCafé or gpCafé?!?

“I certainly have NOT stolen the idea of a Glebe community café!” exclaimed Zeus from his reserved seating at PurdyPaws.  “GiddyPigs has always been ahead of the times. In fact, we are currently suing gcCafé for stealing our business concept!”

GD Cafe

Others are much more skeptical, arguing that is desperate and hopes to capitalize on the popular gcCafé to boost falling profits. Indeed, stocks plummeted last month after it was leaked that the conglomerate had been exploiting its grass-cutting permit and might lose it. The permit allows unlimited access to park, field, and lawn grass at $0.01 per metric tonne. It has been suggested has too long enjoyed a monopoly on grass products, including the popular Giddy Grass Snacks, Grass-to-Go, and Greener Grass Table Wine. A new start-up company, UberPig, has entered the market cutting into GiddyPigs profits with the likes of Piggy Grass Snacks, Grass-to-Get, and Freer Grass Table Wine.

Others argue stock prices have dropped because is just out of touch with youth. “I prefer gcCafé to gpCafé. Bipeds are cool. They often buy cucumbers and parsley for me. And you do get used to their furless bodies,” said Favio, a dashing piglet rumoured to be on the next season of the intensely popular “Carried at First Sight”, a reality show where guinea pigs are matched with humans they've never met before to experience being carried for six weeks.

It's unclear at this point which café will be the more popular. However, it was reported that Zeus himself was seen testing out the couch at gcCafé just yesterday.