Guinea Pigs Prep for Lansdowne Pumpkin Derby

The Glebe guinea pigs are hard at work designing their race car for the second annual Lansdowne Park Pumpkin Derby. 

“Last year we were unfairly disqualified,” complained Hans, a senior pumpkin auto engineer at “It's a conspiracy against us! We read all 18 rules and nowhere does it state that you cannot ride in the pumpkin during the race. Who has a race with no drivers!?! It's not our fault the fat, furless bipeds cannot fit in their pumpkin vehicles!” sputtered Hans. “The age categories are also grossly unfair – we have to race with 14-year-olds, but we only live 5 to 8 years!! And I won't even mention the fact that we also have no thumbs!”

Others have a different memory of last year's event and the disqualification. “The challenge for us is to avoid eating too much of the pumpkin when modeling and driving it – that can really affect the integrity and safety of the auto,” explained Pilote, head of's new Wheels, Integrity, and Navigation (WIN) unit. “Last year the design team was a little overzealous during assembly, and then our driver, Bon Vivant, ate a hole through the left side of the vehicle while being wheeled to the start line. He then fell asleep. Sadly, our vehicle was disqualified for failing to move past the start line,” explained Pilote. “But this year,” he added with enthusiasm, “we've monitored the design stage to ensure no overeating and have also filled the pumpkin interior with apple snacks for the driver,” said Pilote. “We know we'll win this year!”

The second annual derby is scheduled for Saturday, October 29 at 1 pm, Aberdeen Pavilion. To compete, registrants must apply by Thursday October 27, 2016 according to the website.