It's that time of year!

Zeus' Holiday Manifesto  Happy Suggestions for Holiday Do's and Don'ts

two guinea pigs with gifts of egg and carrot

Zeus' Holiday Manifesto  Happy Suggestions for Holiday Do's and Don'ts

So that I can get good gifts this year The mailroom at has received one been inundated with questions aboutappropriate gifts to give me your guinea pig for Christmas, Hanukah, Ramaadan and  the holidays.

Zeus decided to In consultation with many other guinea pigs, has put together a list of rules suggestions for stinky hairless humans lovely bipeds to strictly follow assist them during this holiday season.

First, guinea pigs hate stinky children are sensitive creatures and need calm, cozy environments in which to eat nourish their bellies minds.   For this reason, during the busy holiday season, keep the insufferable, self-absorbed energetic children away from the masterful king small, vulnerable guinea pigs.

Second, guinea pigs need gifts all the time affirmation that they are loved. Although they are all atheists  As avid practitioners of all theistic and monotheistic doctrines that involve parties, food and gifts they consider themselves of plural heritage.  Gifts, transportation, and chin scratches are all ways to satiate their desires acknowledge and respect their beliefs during the holidays.

And lastly, speaking of gifts Lastly, don't bring stupid as strict vegetarians, guinea pigs will poop and pee on you if you give eggs, meats or will always include you in their prayers and thoughts if you bring offerings of fruits and vegetables.

Hurry up and bring some good gifts.  Thank you for your interest in my our welfare during this important party celebratory period.

Zeus The GiddyPigs Team

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